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Welcome to the Bishop Chatard Trojan Talk Blog! Trojan Talk blog is written by faculty and staff members at Bishop Chatard High School, an archdiocesan high school located on the north side of Indianapolis. With an average enrollment of 700 students annually, BCHS is large enough to offer students the opportunity to explore their unique interests and discover new skills, while small enough to personalize each young person’s high school journey.

Our team of dedicated teachers, coaches and administrators understand that determining the best high school fit your son or daughter can be daunting. We consider it a part of our mission to share what we have learned with parents who are navigating this process. There are many factors to consider, and we hope that the articles provided in this blog will help your student to prepare for high school, college and life. 

If you have visited Bishop Chatard, attended one of our athletic contests or theatre productions, or even taken our BC virtual tour, that’s great! We look forward to welcoming you to our physical or virtual campus again soon. If you are a first-time visitor, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Who We Are

Bishop Chatard high school education

Bishop Chatard High School offers an inclusive educational environment designed to challenge young people academically while supporting their personal and spiritual development. Our student body comprises a diverse group of students with one thing in common: the desire for an authentic Catholic education. 

While Bishop Chatard has consistently remained the top high school choice of families from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ nine North Deanery parish schools, we also welcome students from a number of middle schools throughout the area. Class sizes are small at BCHS while the opportunities offered are expansive, and that leads to discovery and skill development for our students.

At Bishop Chatard, students build their academic schedules from a roster of over 125 courses – a including 50 honors, AP and Dual Credit classes – and nearly 90 percent of the student body participates in extracurricular activities. Our students are living proof that engagement in athletics, performing arts and other enrichment activities supports academic success. While the average GPA of a student involved in one extracurricular activity is 3.2, an impression number, that average GPA climbs to 3.8 for students involved in three of more sports or clubs. The average GPA of those involved in five or more activities exceeds 4.0.

Bishop Chatard High School faith and community

Bishop Chatard is also a faith community.

Those two words FAITH & COMMUNITY permeate daily life in our school. 

At BCHS, our students are formed in faith to be disciples of Christ. We intentionally use the word ‘formed’ rather than ‘trained or taught’ because when we are trained, it is what we do; when we are formed, it is who we are. Bishop Chatard Trojans graduate knowing that they are forever part of a faith community, and the prayers of the community follow them on their respective journeys.

We hope that you will find the information shared in Trojan Talk valuable! Our educators and administrators are happy to talk if you have questions or would like information on a specific topic. You may email Trojan Talk or access the BCHS Faculty & Staff Directory. We invite you to visit the Bishop Chatard website to learn more.

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Bishop Chatard High School is an archdiocesan Catholic high school located on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana. With a student population of approximately 700, the faculty and staff strive to prepare students for college and beyond. Learn more at www.BishopChatard.org

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