Cheers to Ted Lasso! The value in knowing a name

BCHS theology teacher Brian Shaughnessy recognizes students for a job well done.
Brian Shaughnessy

Bishop Chatard Theology Teacher

Those that know me well know that I am a huge fan of the Apple TV series Ted Lasso.

may have dressed up as Ted on Halloween last year while coaching my daughter’s U8 soccer team, taking every opportunity to shout a famous line from the show during the game. Yep, that guy. But I digress. 

Among the many things I love about the show and about Ted, is his insistence on knowing everyone in his new club and neighborhood…by name. In fact, there is a scene early on in the first season where Ted calls the kit man (closest translation = equipment manager) by name. In a moment of shock, Nate (kit man) responds, “You remembered my name? Nobody ever remembers my name.” He clearly is not used to being valued or recognized in this role.

This seemingly insignificant moment becomes a microcosm of sorts for how Ted invests himself totally in all his relationships. He has a powerful way of making people feel seen, significant, and valued.

In my four years as a student at Bishop Chatard, and in my 18 years as a teacher and/or coach since, this is one of the things I love most about our community too: the investment in one another.

Part of the recipe is small class sizes that help create a space where you’re more than a face in the crowd. Part of it is the amount of time we spend together in community, like retreats, worship, extracurriculars, and clubs, where the relationship itself becomes the goal. And part of it are Ted-like teachers, coaches, and staff who genuinely want their students, athletes, and young people to feel seen. To feel safe. To feel like they belong. To feel like they matter. 

BCHS theology teacher Brian Shaughnessy recognizes students for a job well done.

We rarely know the whole story of a person, right? But our goal at BCHS is to walk with our young people, to get to know more of it.

I see it in action everywhere I look.  I see it in the coach who knows their athlete is going through a difficult time and rallies the whole team as a brother/sisterhood to support that young person. I see it in the teacher who writes dozens of college recommendation letters but can articulate precisely what makes this kidspecial. I see it in our “Angel Fund,” led by those who get to know the needs of our students and quietly support their journey. I see it in our Academic Resource team, our Campus Ministry team, our Student Life team, who all make sure our kids know they have a place at the table…as well as something to bring to it.  I see it in the masses of alumni that come back to coach, teach, lead retreats, and guide our current students.

They know what I know.  They know this place is special.

And so, in closing…

I hope you’ll see it yourself one day, that we are the family we claim.

Do you want to go where everybody knows your name?

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